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Hello again , wasn't sure what i should focus on this one so i`ll just give it a go and will wait for some feedback from other players.

So in the first part we covered the character choices and cow farming.
If you don't understand something or you are confused feel free to message me on forum/post below on this thread or contact me in game /w *Snowish, if i'm available i'm more than willing to help out.

The second part of the farming, when you belive you are ready to try clearing out the whole stages of the game:

Act 1 - Andariel (Green Fragment) / Countess (Key of Terror)
Act 2 - Duriel( Yellow Fragment) / Summoner (Key of Hate)
Act 3 - Mephisto (Blue Fragment)
Act 4 - Diablo (Red Fragment)
Act 5 - Baal (Gold Fragment) / Nihlahtak (Key of Desctruction)

The point in farming this ones are :

- At every boss when you pass each act they drop World Stone Fragments And Essences!

"Not to mention you might be lucky enough to get other rare/unique drops aswell so when creating a game even if you spend 30 min - 1hr inside farming it,
may be worth it, getting Unique Items,Charms,Enchantment scrolls ( http://annihilus.net/wiki_index.php?title=Enchantmentguide-with-Screens-of-almost-all-chants-Patch:-3-0 ),
maybe even Key of Justice - this key will allow a player to open a portal to defeat Tyrael and grab his gear!"

-You will need to collect 1 stone or essence from each boss to complete a set.

You can collect 1 or 2 sets , trade them for High runes/Items even the Prime charm (http://annihilus.net/wiki_index.php?title=Abyss-sphere-uniq-prime-charm ) and Belial charm ( http://annihilus.net/wiki_index.php?title=Belials-Tome )

If you feel like doing the run all i can say is that you will need help and no one can help you better than the staff from Annihilus , thats why we are here to help and feed you from our experience to make your life easier.

Because doing a World Fragment RUN you might even get the Book Of Abyss from what i know this is a rare one ( http://annihilus.net/wiki_index.php?title=Book-of-the-abyss )

About the essences, well its basically the same , you need a set , you TRANSMUTE them using the Horadic Cube and you get a Token of Absolution ( This token can be used to reset your attributes and skills) can also be found in the
Hadriel shop for 25G.

As you can see in Act 1 / 2 and 5 i added one more thing that should be farmed

Its all about the Sets in this post. U need 3 Keys from each act.

3x Terror
3x Hate
3x Destruction

When you have all 9 keys = (1 Uber set) Players can use this to get the following :
-Torch charms ( http://annihilus.net/wiki_index.php?title=Torch-charm )
-Standards of heroes ( You would need 24xStandars to create Diablos Soulstone) for a chance to get an Annihilus charm ( http://annihilus.net/wiki_index.php?title=Annihilus-Charm )

But you don't need to worry yourself in doing the run , i`m sure alot of players will be more than willing to trade you Torch + annihilus charms for a complete Uber set if not, throwing some more Keys inside the deal from your part
wouldn't hurt.

This is easy/regular spots to farm that can get you even a good end game gear if you find the right person to trade them with.

Some of the players will look sometimes for specific keys , like they would need 2 more Hate Keys in order to do their run and you could get some runes or a piece from the set you are trying to complete from them,
this applies to the fragments aswell.

But try to get the sets , they are worth much more.

I`m not sure if i`m missing something from this , keep in mind this is a Beginner Guide and i`m tryin to make it as simple as possible so i don't confuse the new players with alot of information at once.

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  1. if someone is going to do worldstone event its always good to have a char stay in the game and hold it open for you incase you get an error killing one of the bosses. unless thats going to be fixed in the next patch.
  2. Hey, I just cubed 24 of those standarts from uber tristram but nothing happened. Do I need more now or something?