• FAQ / Important Information

    Frequently Asked Questions / Important Information:

    Q: How do I get Gold?
    A: Gold can be obtained multiple ways:
    - Purchasing Gold on the website to support the server. We greatly appreciate it.
    - Participating in events held multiple times weekly, check the Events forums!

    Q: Do items at the Vendors cost Gold?
    A: As of the Souls of the Rift patch, the only items at Vendors that cost Gold are the special Cosmetic effects you can buy from the Hadriel Vendor. Every other item will be purchased via the Rift Energy currency.

    Q: Is there anyway to lose Gold, such as dying or dropping it?
    A: Nope! The only way to lose Gold is to spend it at a vendor or trade it. Due to how the game is coded, you will may see "gold" drop when you die, but your Gold will definitely never be dropped or modified. The same applies to picking it up, although monster loot tables have been redesigned to not include Gold to prevent unnecessary clutter.

    Q: Can we trade our Gold?
    A: Trading Gold is currently disabled, both in-game and on the website. This doesn't prevent you from buying things from the Gold Vendor and trading them though, so feel free to do so! You can also purchase Gold and have it delivered to someone else's account, just type their forum account name under "To Account" when typing in the Gold amount you are purchasing.