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Thread: i not understood....

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    @Game @acyroma
    Hmm if i enter 16 chars from a single account in a game, i guess the server understands only 1 char is connected.
    therefor i could have 48 chars in a single game, the server would just understand me as 3 chars in one game. Isnt it ?
    @r0073x @qtp
    You say late game curve is bad, but what do you expect from late game? when u have all items (uniqs and set) what are u looking for then?
    Coz u say its bad, u dont get nothing by playing 8 hours, though what are you looking for???
    I almost never played multi to upgrade my chars, and i have a 36k java, a lightning zealot that owns every zone, golemancer, BO barb, high cold sorc, great amabow, and i didnt get that by whinning its too hard to get stuff, i just farmed it or traded when i had the chance...
    If u cant play enough to get high chars, its not the matter of the curve... Its just u dont have enough time for that, and the number of activ players is too low now to access the multiplayer aspect of the game. When 500 players farm for ff bow, u might have a chance to get one quicker by trade, when u farm it on your own, its LONG, and thats the point of items being rare?!
    If u want an easy, rewarding game, slashing mobs and getting stuff easy, maybe go try Diablo3, which is not totally bad, and requires less time to feel rewarded... If u are true D2 players, just STFU and farm or quit playing.
    Imagine if its easier to get items, it ll be even less fun for you, coz ppl who have time will have every thing in a week......

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    Hi Frigide <3 thx for reply

    "when u have all items (uniqs and set) what are u looking for then? "

    since this server is for pvm and i am one pvm player the funn in my game play is to get something and yes i have i guess preatty much for my time at server

    ( my english is not good curve = rate of drop ? )

    usual i enter in privat game with 20-30 chars ( my own chars ) so i am just a single player

    imagine when i make cow's / plague/ dream land / uber's torch with my brother : party full
    i am not complain to get more eazzy just dissapoint abouth the radom and so rare drop wich start to be so rare
    well i make special effort in real life to make time to play....

    i got a job ... a son a wife... so i verry little time play ing at home most of time i play in internet caffe so... i really pay to get some funn but... funn is when u done something just hope and dreams sound preatty..... like my english : sux

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    Quote Originally Posted by r0073x View Post
    It's somehow true statement. There's a unfavorable end-game curve. You need good gear to beat end-game bosses (Mappo, Lich King, Cthulhu, new bosses at act 2, 3 & 5, Ctoggha and especially crucible!). But you need to beat them to get the good gear. For sure someone will start writing about "run cows hell and collect hr-s for trade" but:
    1. It's boring to run cows non-stop. No matter if cows hell or inferno - still moo-moo.
    2. Most of the end-game items are traded for a plenty of hr-s which would take a huge amount of time to collect...

    Inferno cows - I have done a lot of inferno cows runs and I only got 1 cow queen boots. Too low chance to drop. Yeah, you're right that these items should be rare and valuable but this is too much... Especially for people like me who need some relax and fun at the end of the day after exhausting work.

    Indeed, the server, the staff and the most of the players are pretty nice
    But in my opinion, you should change the end-game curve.
    I'm disappointed too because I've spent a plenty of hours, days, weeks, months (I started playing here almost 4 months ago) and I only have 1 mediocre bowazon with ff and cow queen set o.O (not enough time - I'm a medical student).

    We can make a deal: health care for items
    I could have sworn I said most of the same things you've stated, and yet I got stiffed for saying so.

    On another note, I'd say Mappo is actually doable with a poison necro with decent gear (trag set at least and maybe the unique dagger). The eyeball guy is a pain though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acyroma View Post
    If theres 8 "actual" users in chat, who is the user in the one game that is up on annihilus? That would force there to be minimum 9 people online.

    Your screenshot is clearly edited, there's a gap between "currently" and "8" that should not be there.

    Alex also already posted in the next patch that the end game curve is changing in this thread.
    Any spoliers you can spare on the next patch (other than new assassin gear)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaudeville View Post
    Any spoliers you can spare on the next patch (other than new assassin gear)?
    Other than the fact that we're reworking end-game curve and assassin skill tree, we're also working on druid skill tree as well.

    Most of the other things are still up in the air, so you'll have to wait, sorry!

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