Guide to r'yleh and the Cow kingdom endgame content

Hello annihilus!

This will be a guide for r'yleh and inferno cows (The Cowkingdom)

well, first of all you need to know, that this completely different from the normal It has been added to Annihilus servers
to give the people some more endgame content rather than do just Diablo/Baalruns until you are lvl 99 after half a year...

Lets start:

First, you will ned the azatoths organ set and the cow kings set. You can collect them by doing hell cowruns, for example.
The azatoths organs are: heart, brain and eye (they are blue-skinned, and also known as blue organs)
The Cowkings organs are: heart, brain, eye, tail and horn.

You will need nothing else than a good equipped character (since there are immunes, maybe more than 1 character).
Go to act 1 in a hellgame. Cubing your azatoths organs together opens a portal to R'yleh map.

There will be mobs and teleporters to get to a new segment of the map. In one of those segments there is the boss Azatoth.
He's strong and if you are not able to kill him, try to just kite him a little away from where you play. He is not necessary
for inferno cows but provides good loot and a Cache, which can be opened with the key from hadriel (cost: 250 golds) or at Cthulu altar.
(Cthulu altar is in Dreamlands - Dreamlands is a seperate guide. Look around in the guide section of the wiki)

In the section of the map where Azatoth can be found, there is also the cow king's corpse. Its in the middle of the section.
If you are near to the cow king's corpse, you will get a ! over your head. Now cube your cow king's organs. this opens:
The cowkingdom

Beware of the cows inside. They are very fast, very strong and there will be alot of them. On the other hand, they obtain great experience to you.
Lvl 90-99 can be easily made in one day, if there are some people in the game.

Also in the cow kingdom, there can be found the cowqueen. She's in the top right corner direction. There are also 3 chests. The cowqueen herself and
the chests can drop one of the cow queens set parts (items). You can find out the stats and setbonuses in the wiki under "sets".

And yep, thats it. Thats what you can do in R'yleh and the Cowkingdom. Hope this guide helps you!


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