Puzzle Box "Ctoggha"

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  1. Act 3 new boss dropped it. Was farming four the sc :D
  2. Probably opens in the Arcane Sanctuary or Ryleh since they're not in the same realm.
  3. Good luck finding the spot! I hope for you its a spot with a ! At it. Since the key to court didnt have that!
  4. You don't need to have the puzzle box to find the spot with an exclamation mark right. Because so far as I know let's see

    1) One at the worldstone chamber which I presume is for the worldstone event
    2) at the altar in the Cthulu lair
    3) by the dead cow king
    4) at the orifice in Tal Rasha's tomb (which was used to transmute ...I forgot)

    and a few other ones.
  5. There are so much... First i tought of the sanctuary too. Pandemonium fortress and the dreamlands followed. Tryed different positions and was cubing alot even without a !. Havent found it so far... :/

    It would be nice to know if theres a ! And also if it need some fragments oder cthulu altairs before... There are many places "beyond reallity" already :'D
  6. There is a ! if it is a specific spot required, and for both of the new maps there is. The only reason the Key to the Courts of Justice does not have a ! is because it will work anywhere in Act 4, it isn't much of a riddle.
  7. "Ctoggha (The Dream-Daemon) is a rather mysterious Great Old One as there is little to nothing known about him. It is likely that he has some connection to dreams or the Dreamlands."

    Good luck ;)
  8. I've got an issue with this puzzle box. I found my path to "!" and opened the portal to Labyrinth of madess at "box question" game. Alora and Haunterz helped me to kill Ctoggha but he/she didn't drop anything but a tal rasha armor and unique cinquedeas. We opened the stashes which dropped some shitty items which I could have obtained in act 5 pits...
  9. A hint: it's a lot easier to find the path with murder of crows druid
  10. "His web of madness spreads into even the darkest lairs." Still havent found where this one goes.
  11. The four locations to open the boxes from DL are

    1. Izual
    2. on the little island behind where you rescue Anya
    3. in a3, the arachnid cave next to the chest.
    4. in a2, the room where you place the staff to open the way to Duriel